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Ceelin Celebrates 50 Years Of Gifting Immunity To Filipino Children

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Ceelin Celebrates 50 Years Of Gifting Immunity To Filipino Children

As parenting styles have changed over the past 50 years, from strict punishment to building strong relationships, Ceelin has remained a reliable friend to moms who want to give their kids a healthy, happy, and strong start in life. As we celebrate our golden anniversary, we're not only marking a significant event but also honoring a long history of giving Filipino children protection.

Ceelin Celebrates 50 Years Of Gifting Immunity To Filipino Children
Ceelin Celebrates 50 Years Of Gifting Immunity To Filipino Children

These days, protecting kids' health means more than just keeping them from getting common childhood illnesses like colds and coughs. It means encouraging kids to be brave as they explore, learn, and play. Ceelin has been at the forefront of this goal, offering a wide range of products for all age groups, such as first-aid drops, syrups, fun chewables, and kids' favorite candies. Each product is made to adapt to the changing nutritional needs of kids as they grow, making sure they get the right mix of nutrients to do well.

Our Promise Of Immunity: The Past, The Present, And The Future

As a big part of our 50th-anniversary party, we released a new TV ad that stresses Ceelin's promise of immunity. In the ad, Ceelin helps a healthy child explore the world, just like her mother did when she was that age.

A big event was held not long ago, and parenting and healthcare celebrities attended. Our brand representative, Marian Rivera-Dantes, told the crowd why she trusts Ceelin for her kids' immunity.

Ceelin: A Continuing Pledge To The Community

We have promised goods worth Php500,000 to Caritas Philippines, a group we have worked with for a long time, as part of our ongoing mission to spread the gift of immunity. Our celebrations have more meaning now that this gift has been made.

Celine: A History of Trust and Innovation

For fifty years, Ceelin has been the best and most trusted way for moms to boost their kids' immune systems. Ceelin has made a big difference in improving health, speeding up healing, and protecting against common childhood illnesses. Because of our unwavering dedication, Ceelin has become involved with Filipino families, making lives better, inspiring dreams, and making sure that hope stays strong for future generations.

Rachel Mistal, the brand manager for Ceelin, says, "Our long-term goal at Ceelin is to strengthen the immune systems of Filipino children, thereby making their lives better." "As we gaze into the future, our commitment remains unchanged: to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the upcoming generation of Filipino children."

Ceelin has a lot of different product formats so that they can meet the wants of every Filipino child. We made Ceelin Plus, the only kids' vitamin brand with unique ZincPlus® Technology, in 2009. This fits with our goal of making sure that Vitamin C stays stable when mixed with Zinc so that each dose has the right amount of nutrients. Ceelin has always been the best brand for kids' immunity, and it's the number one vitamin that kids' doctors recommend for immunity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ceelin has renewed its role as a trustworthy, caring, and unwavering partner in keeping kids safe.

If you want to know more about Ceelin, you can follow us on Facebook (UnilabCeelin), Instagram (, and TikTok (unilabceelin).

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