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Airspeed Uses Digitization to Sharpen Customer Focus

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Airspeed Uses Digitization to Sharpen Customer Focus

To be competitive in the fast-changing digital environment, companies need to always adapt. Understanding this need, the top Filipino-owned logistics company Airspeed Group has been adopting digital transformation to improve its operations and services. Airspeed has been implementing digitization gradually to improve its operations for more than 40 years.

Airspeed Uses Digitization to Sharpen Customer Focus
Airspeed Uses Digitization to Sharpen Customer Focus

The Crucial Part Digital Transformation Plays

Airspeed admits that in the logistics industry, digital transformation is not an option but a need. Using technology, the business is streamlining processes, raising productivity, and enhancing customer service. Airspeed has lately increased the level of its digital efforts by creating the Mobile Proof of Delivery software and building its Domestic Transport Management System. These developments give clients comprehensive information about services, updates, and specials. Moreover, real-time shipment tracking and delivery notifications are now available through the improved Warehouse Management and Domestic Systems.

Adopting Practical Change Management

Effective change management is a prerequisite for successful digital transformation, and Airspeed Group has made that decision. Chief IT Officer Ms. Liza Marquez of Airspeed Group says, "Preparing end-users, which include our employees, and gauging customer responses during the initial trial phase for all digital changes is critical." Airspeed wants to improve both internal operations and customer happiness, hence it is using a proactive change management strategy. Ms. Marquez's emphasis on stakeholder input demonstrates a dedication to identifying and resolving issues, therefore establishing the foundation for a fruitful digital transition.

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Funding Employee Training and Giving Customer-Centric Approach Priority

Considering how much digitalization will affect everything, workforce preparation is critical. Airspeed provides extensive training programs to prepare its staff for the digital age. By funding employee growth, the organization strengthens its skills and encourages commitment and ownership.

Beyond internal enhancements, Airspeed views digital transformation as a means of improving consumer experiences. Systems that interact with customers, such as online booking and shipping tracking, include client input. Airspeed approaches digital transformation with an eye toward the advantages for its stakeholders.

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