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Tips on How to Capture Memories with the Best Gear

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Immortalizing a memory is now possible, thanks to technologically-advanced devices. But in a wide pool of smartphones and cameras, it’s sometimes hard to choose the best gear to hone one’s craft in photography and videography.

Tips on How to Capture Memories with the Best Gear
Tips on How to Capture Memories with the Best Gear

Helping photography and videography enthusiasts know more on how to enhance their skills, Sony Philippines hosted a workshop series with speakers comprised of wedding photo and video storytellers Jiggie Alejandrino, Ryan Ortega, and Jay Palmares, who each shared insights on the perfect wedding gear and it’s crucial role in capturing precious moments in special occasions like weddings.

What makes a good wedding photographer/videographer?

According to Jiggie, Ryan, and Jay, the best indicator of successful work is the satisfaction of their clients. “One the best compliment I got is from the mother of the groom saying that I’ve captured the essence of eternal love through my lens,” Jiggie explained.

Ryan and Jay added that getting referrals and turning clients into friends is a testament to good work. “More than producing memorable photos, I want to make them feel good about themselves, that’s why I see to it that the couple and their family members are relaxed when I shoot them,” Ryan said. “Each wedding is unique, and our work as videographers is to translate the different personalities of a couple and make it into a one of a kind ceremony through the SDEs that we produce,” Jay added.

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What are some of the important features and specifications a camera for wedding photography should require?

“For me, the dynamic range system makes everything easier. This feature allows us to capture improved subject visibility even in high contrast lighting or dim lit areas in the location. The Sony cameras that I use focus more on the image quality and dynamic range with the 42.2-megapixel full-frame sensor transforming the scene and making it into something different” shares Jiggy Alejandrino.

“Sony cameras are developed with full-frame sensors that produce better image quality at high ISO sensitivity. From my experience, I believe that besides mastering the gear, behind a great photograph is the power features of the camera itself,” he added.

“It is now possible to shoot destination weddings by myself without compromising on the quality of the images that are being produced,” said Ryan who also mentioned that Sony’s camera portability, compactness, and full-frame mirrorless camera design is apt for his specialty.

Jay Palmares, who is also a wedding creative director, said that the compact design of Sony cameras makes them easier to carry when traveling.  “As a wedding video director, I work with a lot of inevitable elements, Sony helps me achieve the desirable outtake despite those challenges,” Jay said.

What is your advice to aspiring wedding photographers when it comes to investing in wedding gear?

For Jiggie, it’s ideal to go for cameras that are affordable but the features shouldn’t be compromised. “Make it a point to continually improve the quality of your shots and get the best possible equipment for your clients to enhance your business,” he said.

Ryan, on the other hand, advised finding a camera that’s portable. “The quality and quantity of a camera would take you a long way.” And Jay’s two cents on budding videographers, “You must constantly evolve your style, find a camera that would give you optimal results and at the same boosts your creativity and lets you experiment with shots while maximizing the features and specs it offers.”

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