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Shopee Utilizes Digitization to Bridge the Gender Gap

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Shopee Utilizes Digitization to Bridge the Gender Gap

In the most recent Global Gender Gap Report for 2022, the Philippines dropped two places from the previous year's ranking to 19th out of 146 countries. While the Philippines remains a regional leader in gender equality, the most recent rankings show that there is still a significant gender gap to close, necessitating a renewed commitment to the cause.

The five-year theme for International Women's Day in 2023 has been announced as WE for gender equality and inclusive society, emphasizing the need for inclusive growth and equal opportunities for all Filipinos to have the skills necessary to participate in a globally competitive economy. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to increase women's access to the digital economy for information, education, and employment. These three women show how having the right opportunities and knowledge can help empower women wherever they are. Shopee and other e-commerce platforms help to ensure equal access at scale.

excelling in a field dominated by men

When Apple first joined Shopee almost five years ago, she worked closely with various sellers and brands, but she eventually moved into managing order fulfillment for multiple warehouse locations. She currently oversees several Shopee Xpress operations, and even though historically, women outnumber men in logistics, Apple was not deterred. "I don't believe there is a gender difference in Shopee. Everyone can make decisions, take risks, and devise innovative solutions in the environment we all share.

Apple is grateful that Shopee continues to provide equal opportunities for all types of people to learn and grow, despite the organization's fast-paced nature and the fact that there are always significant challenges to overcome. In Shopee, I discovered that as a leader, I should not set any gender-based boundaries for myself. It's about what I can achieve and the value I can bring.

deciding to sell "non-girly" items

Ellaine founded Roadkidz Motorparts after being inspired by her father, who owns a hardware store. He advised her to start a business around motor parts because they had no expiration date, and she and her partner opened a physical store in December 2019. Ellaine decided to try Shopee after a client inquired about shipping goods to Batangas when the pandemic began. She also obtained a loan through Shopee, which she used to fund the launch of their online business. She and her partner learned how to use the Shopee Seller Center to manage listings, take photos, and perform marketing and data analytics. "The seller's interface is very user-friendly, and it was easy to figure out how to offer coupons or discounts."

She was thankful that when she decided to go down this path, she didn't limit herself in any way because her business had grown. "Never put yourself in a tight spot. I'm not required to market "girly products" like cosmetics or clothing because I'm a woman. You are not constrained by what you already know or are used to. I had no prior knowledge of motor parts or how to sell them, but I learned as I went. Furthermore, Shopee offers flexible options; you can even start your business from home. Simply take the first step and continue.

She has the ability to empower others.

ANE Bookshop's Princess was an early supporter of online shopping. When she opened her Shopee store in March 2018, she was a college accounting student, and she recalls studying for her board exams while working a side job selling textbooks. She eventually accepted a position as an accountant with a multinational corporation but quickly realized that she would rather own her own business. She borrowed money from Shopee to supplement her capital. She also investigated the tools available in the Shopee Seller Center to improve her listings and take advantage of the platform's features.

As her online business grew, she became more aware of how this endeavor helped her become the best version of herself. "After doing this, I definitely felt more confident. I manage operations, own the company, and have deal-making experience with stakeholders and partners. She can also provide for her family, giving her siblings more independence. I bought our dream house and funded my siblings' education. If you're a woman who wants to start her own business, be brave and try. The key is consistency, so pursue your goals.

If you want to take your business online, you can Get Started on Shopee right now. Shopee is also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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