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Five Reasons To Use Gotyme Bank For All Of Your Travel-related Needs

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Five Reasons To Use Gotyme Bank For All Of Your Travel-related Needs

Traveling for vengeance is a thing nowadays! Thus, if you've been putting off your wanderlust for a long, now is the time to go. Here's a hint: if you book Cebu Pacific flights with GoTyme Bank, you can earn free flights!

Five Reasons To Use Gotyme Bank For All Of Your Travel-related Needs
Five Reasons To Use Gotyme Bank For All Of Your Travel-related Needs

The new relationship between GoTyme Bank, Cebu Pacific, and Go Rewards has made this exciting feature possible. Here's how to take advantage of this alliance and travel as much as you want in 2023:

Join the campaign to receive a free year of flights.

You can use your GoTyme Bank account in two ways to get free Cebu Pacific flights. The first choice is to participate in their marketing! In a single receipt transaction, you will receive one drawing entry for every P500 spent on Cebu Pacific. Your entry will be validated if you complete this online registration form!

Amass points to earn free flights.

Go Rewards points can be accumulated and then used to book free flights. Log in to your Go Rewards account, enter your details, and then use your points to make a purchase.

Increase your Go Rewards points.

If you have a Go Rewards account, you will receive points whenever you book a flight with Cebu Pacific. Nevertheless, if you book your flight using your GoTyme Bank account, your points will be increased, and you will earn considerably more points.

While traveling, use your points as money to go shopping.

Your boosted GoTyme Bank points are effectively cashback. Use them to buy food, groceries, gifts, and souvenirs at partner stores while traveling, as well as to book future trips. The points can also be converted into cash and sent directly into your GoTyme account!

In less than five minutes, you can open a GoTyme Bank account.

Getting a GoTyme Bank account is straightforward if you don't already have one! After downloading the app for iOS or Android, create a user account. You can also open an account and acquire a free debit card in as little as five minutes by visiting any of its kiosks situated across the country.

Don't miss out on the chance to travel now that it's more accessible and affordable, thanks to GoTyme Bank! Sign up as soon as possible. Don't forget to enter the offer to be eligible for a year of free flights! Don't forget that the entry deadline is June 30, 2023!

Visit GoTyme Bank's main websites and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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