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Metrobank intensifies its emphasis on financial literacy through Moneybility.

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Metrobank intensifies its emphasis on financial literacy through Moneybility.

By developing Moneybility, an e-book that would educate Filipinos to be financially resilient, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank) strengthened its focus on financial education even further.

Metrobank intensifies its emphasis on financial literacy through Moneybility.
Metrobank intensifies its emphasis on financial literacy through Moneybility.

At a gathering, Metrobank gave attendees a first glimpse at Moneybility, the nation's first complete and interactive financial education e-book and platform. As part of its mission to be the Bank that Educates, Metrobank has launched this project.

Moneybility is not your typical financial education book or e-book. The themes in its collection on money management are updated when the state of the market shifts. Additionally, it includes multimedia and interactive tools and features like quizzes, a money tracker, and a calculator that will help make various financial issues more approachable and clear. People who want to start forming wise financial habits on budgeting, debt management, insurance, investing, and other topics may find this new financial education platform useful. Signups for Moneybility are presently accepted at

We want to be our customers' reputable and trustworthy partner for professional financial guidance, going above and beyond just offering standard banking services. With education as our main focus, we want to meet their requirements while giving them the tools they need to maintain a self-sufficient way of life, said Metrobank Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba.

"This advocacy of advancing financial literacy among Filipinos, wherever they may be in their financial journey, is consistent with our promise of keeping people in 'good hands.'" Dimagiba continued. "Metrobank hopes to be the go-to source of financial knowledge through our slate of learning tools and initiatives, starting with our flagship financial education tool, Moneybility.

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As Metrobank celebrates 60 years of providing financial services to Filipinos, it has come to appreciate the value of financial literacy in creating a more prosperous and inclusive country.

A country's financial literacy level and economic progress are directly correlated, according to a 2016 Standard & Poor's Global FinLit Survey. According to the World Bank's 2014 Financial Capability Survey, the Philippines has a lower financial literacy rate than other ASEAN nations at only 25% of its population. The pandemic has, nevertheless, encouraged many Filipinos to express interest in personal finance. The popularity of money-related subjects among content producers on social media platforms and among various financial companies complemented this.

Over the years, Metrobank has released several tools for financial education. Earnest is the best tool for anyone wishing to start investing who is already familiar with fundamental financial ideas. Earnest is a platform for learning and investing that has basic investing explainers, consumable financial news, and lesson cards that are easy to understand. A Metrobank Savings account may be opened, and it also provides Metrobank My Choice Investment funds for as little as PHP 1,000. Customers can visit or download the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

The Bank additionally launched Tara Invest, a set of brief social media video explainers on the fundamentals of investing.

Metrobank has launched a website portal called Wealth Insights for its high-net-worth clients. The Bank's financial experts can freely share timely and pertinent investment ideas, considerate viewpoints on wealth management, and curated market-moving news through Wealth Insights, as well as independent third-party research providers like CreditSights, a global provider of investment research reports. For more information on investing, go to

Metrobank offers MoneyBasics, a collection of straightforward and imaginative articles and social media posts, to assist consumers in developing a saving habit. In the meanwhile, Metrobank has created the Fight Fraud content series, which is released on the bank's website and social media channels to raise awareness of the risks of financial fraud and how to prevent it. In addition,, an online resource website devoted to fraud prevention, was launched by Metrobank and other regional banks as a sector-wide endeavor.

“Money management is not one-size-fits-all, so we have a slew of financial education initiatives that can provide proper guidance to every Filipino. At the end of the day, we envision all of us to be financially resilient. That means we can face any financial challenge at any point of our financial journey,” said Dimagiba.

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