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Marvin Agustin explains why he only believes in Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans.

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Maxicare provides SME owners with affordable, reliable, high-quality healthcare to invest in their employees' well-being. Healthy employees form a solid and thriving firm!

Marvin Agustin explains why he only believes in Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans.
Marvin Agustin explains why he only believes in Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans.

Startups, micro, and small businesses have been impacted hard. Small businesses are struggling to survive, and employee illness is on the rise. Sick employees cost companies money.

Despite this, some firms refuse to offer health insurance, fearing it will raise already exorbitant expenses.

If only businesses knew that there is a reliable, affordable healthcare plan tailored to the needs and budget of a small business, all employees would be covered!

Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans are designed for entrepreneurs and their employees. On September 24, Maxicare unveiled its newest celebrity brand ambassador, Marvin Agustin, at a Facebook Live event for the press.

Despite his businesses' decline, he offered Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans to all of his employees. Changes in the food scene, he said. To be safe, we must be aware of the COVID threat. It's up to the unang-unang to ensure everyone's safety. We can't operate if people get sick, even your personnel, and it's unsafe for customers."

Obtaining healthcare policies for his employees proved challenging for the serial entrepreneur. "To be honest, before our partnership with Maxicare, I was a bit overcharged," Marvin admits. Although I am not familiar with Maxicare's SME programs, it is evident that they have made them more convenient and cost-effective. They made it available to the sarili, kumpanya, and employed. You don't have to worry about whether or not you'll be protected if you're nasakit."

Like many other SMEs, Marvin believed there was no suitable healthcare plan for him. "Ang HMO, ang mga ganitong plans, malaking kumpanya lang." Syempre Maxicare is a reliable company. So, if those adjectives aren't mine, I'm sorry! If you don't verify, you're risking a lot for your company's and your employees' sake."

He went on to remark that providing excellent healthcare keeps him and his employees healthy. It's also ideal for his many enterprises. "With COVID, we could get sick at any time." Andaming naapektuhan sa ganitong problema. No sales, but renta, suppliers, and personnel wages. However, if you don't have Maxicare or an HMO, you'll have more problems. Thanks to Maxicare, I've learned a lot more. Now I'm more equipped to operate my business and thrive with my team, and my team and employees will be safe knowing Maxicare can help them if they need it."

His enterprises thrive when his people are in top form, proving that #GrowthBeginsWithCare!

Maxicare has 33 years of experience, 1.6 million members and is accepted by over 1,000 hospitals and clinics nationwide. However, according to Milky Gallegos, Maxicare's Assistant Vice President of Consumer Marketing, SMEs perceive their healthcare insurance are pricey or an added expense due to their reputation. A recent study found that SMEs, specifically those who do not invest in HMOs, spend an average of P21,600 per employee per year on healthcare. This is in addition to payroll and other expenses like pautang (cash loans) when an employee or a family member is sick. Quite a sum!"

With Maxicare's healthcare plans, SMEs will save money while receiving high-quality care. "Maxicare SME healthcare plans" are under P21,000, says Milky. Our options range from P4,600 to P6,000 per person per year based on your company's size. As a result, many SMEs are unaware of huge disparities in spending. Investing in Maxicare SME healthcare insurance not only provides outstanding healthcare for your employees but also protects your business from unexpected costs. Thus, it benefits both the employees and the organization.

Jennifer Haw, the Yummyverse Group's Operations Manager, was one of Marvin's guests. She expressed her pleasure and joy at having a Maxicare SME Healthcare Plan to protect her. "Maxicare gives you peace of mind," she said. At least you know that Maxicare is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their life. And, regardless of employee count, I strongly advise you to contact for your family's sake, especially today. He says he tips his tao at Maxicare. Upon checking, she is not expensive at all. It is Marvin's most acceptable investment.

Marvin chose the Maxicare SME Healthcare Plan for Jennifer, one of his many employees. However, depending on each SME's budget, there are numerous product options. Jen Limbaring, Maxicare's Assistant Vice President of Consumer Sales, says these plans cover pandemic-related illnesses. The possibilities Jen listed were:
  • Maxicare Plus is an HMO for companies with 10 to 99 employees.
  • It is a comprehensive HMO for small businesses with three to nine employees.
  • Maxicare BusinessEssential is a low-cost package for enterprises with three to 99 employees that includes an Outpatient Care Program or an Outpatient Care + Confinement Care HMO.

A year-long package for micro-businesses starts at Php 4,651 per employee. Small businesses with 10 to 19 employees pay as little as Php 6,260, while those with 20 to 99 employees pay as little as Php 5,301.

Less expensive than the out-of-pocket payments incurred by SME owners to cover their employees' healthcare. Pre-pandemic SMEs spent an average of Php 18,700 per employee on healthcare, according to a recent Maxicare survey.

Thanks to Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans, SMEs no longer have to choose between profitability and employee health. Employers can now provide healthcare suited to their employees' needs and budgets. Choosing Maxicare is a great business idea, which is why #MarvinAgustinChoosesMaxicare.

Learn more about Maxicare and the details of each Maxicare SME Healthcare plan by visiting or calling (02) 7798-7770.

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