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HDI Admix New-Normal-Proofed Advertising

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While 2020 has been a difficult year for all outdoor advertising, 2021 is starting to build a different story, especially for brands and businesses that have been able to step forward and react to the new normal immediately. Now that individuals are becoming more relaxed outside (a part of life with wearing face shields and face masks), outdoor ads are once again on the rise. Here are the latest advertising channel trends that you can use and submit to one of the country's leading advertising solutions company, HDI Admix, for your 2021 campaigns.

HDI Admix New-Normal-Proofed Advertising
HDI Admix New-Normal-Proofed Advertising

Although some brands have taken a step backward in their advertisement budgets, by placing the most innovative messaging and images on billboards, some brands take advantage of the highways' uncluttered view.

"We were astonished. While a number of our sites are occupied by big businesses. "In terms of traditional OOH placements, SMEs and start-ups are also becoming more aggressive," said Raoul Buencuchillo, President of HDI Admix.

I assume that the edge of traditional OOH is that it offers an immense forum that is unskippable. And you can maximize the power of OOH, much like the first-ever dynamic lightbox, if you pair it with content that is eye-catching and sparks the attention of your target market. "This execution of the bus shed is flashing night and day stunningly on EDSA's busy highway will surely attract everyone's attention," Raoul shared.

The Jeepney Passenger Divider was also introduced by HDI Admix to spice up their typical 'Jeepney Ads,' to excite our viewers when they are on their trip and adapt to the new normal transport.

This is the ideal forum for interacting with your clients if you are a brand with celebrity endorsers. Not only can you make your target customer "kilig" by putting the face of your endorser on the Jeepney Passenger Divider, but they will also certainly note that your brand made their everyday commute more fun and exciting!

HDI Admix also introduced digital advertising channels and Beep cards to their ever-growing offerings to respond to the 360-shift in audience behavior and the most dynamic stage of the advertising environment. This helps brands become top of mind by being present in many consumer touchpoints and top choice.

The Multi-Touchpoint Campaign of HDI Admix aims to stimulate the audience's attention through vast channels, excite them through innovative executions in transit commercials or mini billboards and impact them with winning digital strategies and presence.


Though HDI Admix had its fair share of challenges in the midst of adaptation and creativity too. In 2020, following the prosecution of its former directors and officers for breach of P.D., HDI Admix and its sister companies HDI Stopovers and HDI Adventures were embroiled in several legal controversies. 1018, otherwise known as the Anti-Dummy Statute, which prohibits Filipino people from controlling and regulating the mass media.

"Our stance has always been that HDI Admix, HDI Stopovers, and HDI Adventures are not engaged in the mass media market. Having said that, there is no way that the company's officers, former or present, can be said to have breached those rules. I have regard for the Office of the Prosecutor's findings as a lawyer, but these findings would have to be corrected by the courts of law if only to ensure us all that justice is still done,' Atty. Ma. Ma. HDI's corporate legal counsel, Paz A. Llasos-Ortega, said.

Fortunately, Quezon City's Metropolitan Trial Court dismissed the case for breach of PD 1018. The court held that it was not possible to charge the officers and directors with breaching P.D. 1018 as there is no definitive and binding decision yet that, in the first place, the HDI companies are mass media corporations. It went on to stress that the SEC OGC Opinion of 2016 itself, which allegedly classifies HDI as mass media and which has been the basis for the Office of the City Prosecutor's finding of probable cause, provides that it should not be used as a standing law binding on the courts.

We are pleased to share the news that the ruling in the case in which the trial court ruled that HDI Admix, HDI Adventures, and HDI Stopovers are NOT involved in mass media was recently received by HDI. We hope that the court will finally dismiss the Anti-Dummy Case with this judicial pronouncement since there is clearly no legal and intelligent ground to rule otherwise. Ortega-Llasos.

Strengthened for years by struggles, HDI Admix discovered that opportunities come with every crisis. And apart from the commercial portion of it, the internal robustness of the business will unfold.

Yeah, we will undoubtedly start stronger in 2021, and we are more than 100 percent ready for our customers and partners to face the coming years full of resolve and perseverance. Despite the challenges, we would not have a positive shift this year if it were not for our team, customers, and partners who consistently help and believe in us. This confirms HDI Admix's credibility and reputation in the advertising industry.' Raoul shared.

Without a doubt, HDI Admix will fire up in the coming years with a lot of zeal, passion,, and devotion, thus building legacies in the advertising industry.

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