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Innovation and Creativity of Startups Showcased at Ignite 2019

Staff ni Anjie
Intending to ignite inspiration of startup companies in the Philippines and as a way of helping them find potential business connections, the Institute for Information Industry (III) recently held Ignite 2019, a two-day event featuring topics related to digital transformation and business expansion.

Taiwan's Creative Startups Connect with the Philippines at Ignite 2019
Taiwan's Creative Startups Connect with the Philippines at Ignite 2019

The said conference gathered seven startup teams from Taiwan. The event also featured world-class keynote speakers, panel discussions, pitch competitions, and exhibitions.

Ignite 2019 also saw a showcase of creativity and innovation as the seven startup teams from Taiwan featured their Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), smart tourism, and smart commerce solutions tailored for the Southeast Asian market. The said startup firms are the following: JustStar–an image recognition solution provider to shopping malls and theme parks; LuggAgent–a startup offering same-day baggage delivery service to airports; intoCaerulus–the team who made the first underwater 360-degree film on YouTube in Taiwan; Screea–a cashback reward system platform provider; OSENSE–a startup providing indoor positioning and navigation technology that has been realized in airports, MRTs, and other fields; ASTA–an image platform offering 360 degree photos for e-commerce; and MyProGuide–a platform that connects tour guides and tourists.

Apart from being the host of Ignite 2019, the III, an enabler of digital transformation in Taiwan, also lends a helping hand to local businesses who want to expand their presence into overseas markets. The said group is also behind the execution of the “Asian Silicon Valley Smart Commerce Service and Application Promotion Project” in partnership with The Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

III is also set to open the Spring Technology and Innovation Park in Roxas City in Capiz, where startup teams from Taiwan will also be invited. Among the topics to be discussed include how applicable Taiwan’s startup solutions are in the Philippines, plus a matchmaking session for the teams and the local system integrators from Spring Valley.

Other than helping startup companies, III aims to gather international startups and to showcase Taiwan’s expertise in producing quality products and services from the country’s emerging startup companies.

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