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Is What You Need an SSD or an HDD?

Staff ni Anjie
The vast options there are in the tech industry has its pros and cons. For example, when identifying what you need for your storage needs, the following considerations are the firsts to come to mind: memory capacity, portability, and affordability. But did you know that there are more things to consider other than these? For starters, it should be decided whether its an SSD or an HDD that’s needed.

Is What You Need an SSD or an HDD?
Is What You Need an SSD or an HDD?

Before you get intimidated with the technical stuff, here’s a simple way on choosing which type of storage you need:

In terms of pricing, a portable hard drive (HDD) is offered at a more attractive price than a solid-state drive (SSD). If you’re looking for a type of storage that’s portable and light, then opt to have an SSD, since this can be smaller, thinner, and lighter in terms of form factor because unlike HDDs, SSDs don’t have moving parts inside them.

For the more complicated stuff like which between HDDs and SSDs are better when it comes to data recovery, protection, and energy efficiency, here’s what we have to say. With regard to data recovery, HDDs take the cake, since it has a more intuitive way of storing data. SSDs, on the other hand, are better in terms of protection since it can survive an unintentional drop here and there since as mentioned earlier, these don’t have movable parts. Plus, SSDs also consume less energy.

Whether it’s an SSD or an HDD you need, a go-to brand when it comes to storage solutions is Transcend Information, Inc., an international manufacturer of storage and multimedia products each designed for specific use and budget.

Transcend has a wide range of stylish, lightweight, and stylishly-durable design that will aid one in storing all their important data and documents. Transcend's Portable SSDs will help you securely store sensitive data, expand your device capacity, reduce startup times across all applications, as well as improve your gaming experience as you take your laptop along for the ride.

Transcend StoreJet Portable HDDs, meanwhile, is for power users on a budget who would like to store photos, videos, audios, and documents with larger memory.

All of Transcend’s storage products come with Transcend Elite, an advanced software with user-friendly applications which can be utilized to manage data, and keep files organized and protected. In addition to this, Transcend also offers a three-year limited warranty for its products.

Learn more about Transcend’s storage portfolio at

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