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Here’s Why the Samsung Galaxy J6 is the Best Gaming Gear for Bianca Yao

Staff ni Anjie
Gaming is considered as more than just a hobby nowadays, with the recognition the industry has garnered not just in the local but also in the international scene. But for popular gamer girl Bianca Yao, gaming is also an effective way to form connections and strengthen friendships.

Here’s Why the Samsung Galaxy J6 is the Best Gaming Gear for Bianca Yao
Here’s Why the Samsung Galaxy J6 is the Best Gaming Gear for Bianca Yao

An avid fan of online multiplayer platforms like Mobile Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the Samsung Galaxy J6 ambassador shares that a good mobile game is one that gives a level battlefield that promotes exciting and healthy competition for all participants.

“At the end of the day, we play to socialize and have a great time with others. What’s the point of fighting computer-controlled opponents, right?” says Yao, who is also a former courtside reporter.
“We have a large and lively community, made more dynamic by the rise of smartphone-based games. Nowadays, you just need a powerful device and good Internet connection to join the fun,” she added.

For Yao, it’s important for gamers to have a smartphone with a generous screen and a capable processor for a more immersive and lag-free gaming experience. She mentioned that vivid visuals and high speed are key to enjoy an exciting action brought by mobile games, just like what the Samsung Galaxy J6 offers.

Running on a 14nm Octa-core chip, the Samsung Galaxy J6 can handle graphics-heavy mobile games. It also has a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display coupled with cinematic sound quality with its Dolby Atmos Technology.

Using her Samsung Galaxy J6 as her main gear in playing mobile games, Yao said “I never experience lag whenever I play on this phone. The screen and acoustics are also top-notch.”

“I’m happy that there are more opportunities for people to play and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Devices like the Galaxy J6 make it easier for newbies and veterans alike to enjoy elevated gaming experiences,” she added.

Interested in how the Samsung Galaxy J6 fared on Bianca’s games? Watch as she put to test the Samsung Galaxy J6 in her Distraction Challenge where she plays PUBG on Samsung’s official YouTube and Facebook pages.

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