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With LG, Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

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With companies embarking on their respective journeys on digital transformation, an important thing to consider is improving customer service. With everyone leading a busy life, customers’ convenience should be at the top priority of companies, since most consumers would rather not spend the effort to search for product documentation, make multiple calls to support helplines or wait a few days to get help with their appliances.

With LG, Customer Satisfaction is a Priority
With LG, Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

As technology advances, companies and enterprises are given more ways to provide an efficient and stress-free customer service experience to consumers. In fact, online channels are now an essential part of this, with customers using different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers to send complaints and inquiries through social media. This is also the same reason why companies have invested in putting up their own mobile applications which will serve as the one-stop online destination for their clients.

One of the companies that have embraced this significant change in delivering a better experience for customers is South Korean brand LG, which has innovated to come up with solutions that leverage mobile technology to further enhance their after-sales services.

Included in their solutions is the Smart Diagnosis System which LG inculcated on its appliances. The Smart Diagnosis System is an intuitive technology that brings speed and accuracy to troubleshooting to improve customer satisfaction.

Consumers who have recently bought LG smart appliances can use the Smart Diagnosis System by downloading the app on their devices. Through the said app, LG appliances owners can inquire and diagnose problems with their LG washing machine, refrigerator, or TV. If they would need more help in addressing the problem with their LG appliances, customers can opt to call the LG helpline.

Smart Diagnosis includes downloadable diagnostic information that will allow LG technicians to troubleshoot problems when the customer presses a sequence of buttons on their appliance. This triggers a series of diagnostic tones that correspond to a specific maintenance need that can be identified and corrected by a service technician over the phone. Through the Smart Diagnosis System, LG won’t have to send a service technician to visit the customer’s home for diagnosis, eliminating one step in the repair process, thus saving time and effort.

If the problem can’t be resolved over the phone, Smart Diagnosis can identify the problem and enable the LG technician to come prepared with the correct parts so that repair can be swiftly carried out in a single visit.

Other than Smart Diagnosis, LG also offers long-term product warranties, a proof that LG takes its after-sales customer service a top priority. LG customer service representatives can also be reached through its official LG Philippines Facebook page where they can schedule a call appointment from a support representative on the brand’s website.

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