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Goldilocks Encourages Healthy Eating with Pinggang Pinoy Meals

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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. True enough, Filipinos have always associated food with letting their friends and families feel loved. A proof is our tendency to say “Kain tayo!” or ask our loved ones “Kumain ka na ba?” But just like how things in life go, everything entails good and bad consequences.

Goldilocks Encourages Healthy Eating with Pinggang Pinoy Meals
Goldilocks Encourages Healthy Eating with Pinggang Pinoy Meals

Being conscious and informed about the food we eat is a must to maintain good health and well-being. But in the fast-paced life we live nowadays, most people even forget to eat meals at the correct time, let alone be mindful of the ingredients in their food.

Recognizing this, a lot of food establishments and institutions have taken the lead in providing options for healthier meals. This is so that on-the-go and professionals who are always busy with work can still get the proper nutrition they need while at the same time enjoying the food that they love.

Goldilocks and FNRI Executives
Goldilocks and FNRI Executives

One of the companies to respond to this is Goldilocks. A household name for years now, Goldilocks introduced its Pinggang Pinoy Meals in 2015, created in line with its advocacy partnership with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute or the FNRI. Each Pinggang Pinoy Meal with a well-loved local dish contains the right amount of nutrients and calories needed by the average Filipino. Aside from this, at the back of the packaging of Pinggang Pinoy Meals is a Calorie Content count that will help consumers to be aware of the calories they consume.

Among the first variations introduced for Pinggang Pinoy Meals are Pinakbet and Daing na Bangus set (Php130), plus the Monggo and Daing na Bangus set (Php120). Goldilocks has also released new choices such as the Sautéed Veggies and Chicken BBQ set priced at Php120. For every Pinggay Pinoy Meal, consumers will also get a bowl of steamed rice, gelatin, and bottled water.

For more information about the Goldilocks and the Pinggang Pinoy Meals, follow @GoldilocksPH on Facebook and Twitter.

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