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Be Like Cupid with these Matchmaking Tips

Staff ni Anjie
Playing cupid to your single friends is a fun thing to do, but what if the people you matched aren’t really compatible with each other? When serving as a matchmaker, it’s important to don’t let the excitement of romance get ahead of you.

Be Like Cupid with these Matchmaking Tips
Be Like Cupid with these Matchmaking Tips
Before aiming your Cupid arrow, here are a few reminders to keep in mind to have better chances of successfully matching singletons in your circles, or at least convince them to go on a date without risking your friendships with them.

Are they willing and interested to date?

Setting up your friend to a date with another friend without them knowing sometimes isn’t a nice thing to do. Remember, not all singles are open and interested in dating. Be careful when doing this because your sweet gesture might backfire at you. It’s better to ask the people involved first before booking a reservation in a restaurant for them.

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No two singles are alike

Just because they’re both single doesn’t mean that they are compatible for each other. Before making a move for them, find out first their respective types in terms of personality, hobbies, and career. Don’t just tell them you know someone who looks great and is looking for a relationship. Still, be ready with a few pictures—with consent, of course.

Movie vs. coffee date

You wouldn’t want the first date in the movies where your potential lovebirds will end up glued to the big screen and not talking to each other. Encourage conversation by having them meet in a cozy café or a hip but family-friendly restaurant. Just avoid locations that are too “off the beaten path” so they don’t feel trapped or forced into a romantic situation.

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