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LG Paves the Way for the Future of Education with Transformative Learning

Anjie lou delos Reyes
Across the world, the pandemic created a seismic shift in how we, as people, interact and do business with one another. Dining out, watching movies, even the simple act of shaking someone’s hand has fundamentally changed. Every imaginable industry was given only a few months to adapt. One of the industries affected the most is the education sector, ever since we’ve grown accustomed to face-to-face learning in classrooms. With no immediate end in sight for the pandemic, like everyone else, the necessity to adapt is present.

LG Paves the Way for the Future of Education with Transformative Learning
LG Paves the Way for the Future of Education with Transformative Learning

The recently concluded EduTECH Philippines 2020 conference displayed how adapting to the new normal is possible. The forum was supposed to be held physically but had to abruptly transition to a digital platform. It served as a welcome opportunity to exhibit how the future of teaching and education can be shaped through technology. LG, one of the global leaders in technology innovation, joined #EduTECHPhil together with over 40 other presentations, all giving detailed discussions on how to shape the future of education.

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LG’s presentation focused on smart classrooms and how it gives an avenue for transformative learning. Led by LGEPH Information Display Business Development Manager Mikee de Ocampo, the talk delved into how education is at a crossroads and that technology is to play an integral part in bridging the gap towards the future. Introducing the use of interactive screens paves the way towards making the physical and virtual classrooms as active learning spaces.

LGEPH Managing Director Mr. Inkwun Heo bared his excitement about the possibilities of transformative learning. “LG's Interactive Digital Board is a perfect solution for effective tele-education, with advanced touch technology and high-performance system-on-chip. LG will revolutionize the way we see education through connected collaboration, multi-directional communication, and interactive learning.”

LG’s Interactive Digital Board presents a great step towards the direction where education is headed. With LG’s industry-leading technology, coupled with intuitive user experience and easier collaboration, the future path to smart classrooms becomes smoother. It’s up to the innovators to adapt, find ways, and inspire the next generation. LG looks toward the future to see what’s on the horizon, and what’s needed to make it better.

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