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Missing Movie Nights? Recreate the Cinema Experience at the Comfort of your Home

Anjie lou delos Reyes
There is no denying that the safety responses to the current global health crisis have been changing the way we live. Amid the shifting ‘new normal,’ most communities are still under quarantine and lockdowns. People are still primarily advised to stay at home, which means that a quick trip to our favorite lifestyle and entertainment centers like movie houses are prohibited or limited.

Missing Movie Nights? Recreate the Cinema Experience at the Comfort of your Home
Missing Movie Nights? Recreate the Cinema Experience at the Comfort of your Home

But who says that you cannot have a great movie night experience with your loved ones at home?

Nowadays, projectors come in different sizes and types with versatile features that help bring the cinema viewing experience at home, eliminating the risks involved in going out to visit entertainment centers.

The Power of 3LCD Technology

Most of today’s home projectors operate using 3LCD technology, an innovation that utilizes liquid crystal panels to deliver vibrant, true-to-life, and consistent images for the viewer.

Epson 3LCD laser projectors use three separate liquid crystal panels to process each primary color (red, green, and blue) continuously so that even rapid-motion video is delivered smoothly.

On the other hand, single-chip projectors deliver a rapid sequence of red, green, and blue, which is translated by the viewer's eye as an impression of a full-color image. This technology doesn’t work for some viewers, who see multiple lines or blurry images known as the “rainbow effect,” especially when watching rapid motion videos.

The Smallest of Its Kind

If you’re looking for the best home projector for your current stay-at-home set up, then the world’s smallest 3LCD laser projectors, the Epson EF-100 series, might just be the right pick for you.

These sleek projectors can recreate brilliant images anywhere within your home. With a projection size of up to 150 inches, the portable EF-100 series combines the large-screen viewing experience with flexibility and usability. A game-changer in home projection, these models can be installed to project visuals at any angle with 360-degree flexibility, opening possibilities for home entertainment — by getting to watch movies projected on the living room wall, or even on the ceiling when viewed from the bed.

These compact projectors feature a slim and minimalist design and come in tailored black (EF-100B) and classy white (EF-100W), with the latter being available exclusively for online purchase. Designed for a stylish lifestyle, the projectors blend seamlessly into a home environment’s contemporary aesthetics.

Light and Compact yet Powerful

Epson EF-100 projectors are also compact and light, measuring only 23cm and weighing 2.7kg, which makes it easy to carry and place anywhere at home. It can project up to 150 inches in size with 360-degree flexibility providing endless possibilities for projection, unlike TV screens that are stationary and have a fixed display size of up to 70 inches only.

Projecting at 2,000 lumens with a high contrast ratio, film enthusiasts will experience exceptionally rich and vivid images with the EF-100 series. There is also no need to turn the lights off or close the windows because the projector’s laser light source creates bright and vibrant images, even in daylight.

User-friendly and Low Maintenance

With laser as its light source, the EF-100 series is maintenance-free, more energy-efficient, and has a longer life span versus lamp projectors. Lasers only need replacing after 20,000 hours of usage, which is longer than projection lamps. To add, mercury-free lasers do not require special handling or end-of-life disposal. In terms of connectivity, streaming, and accessing content from phones, tablets, DVD players, game consoles, and laptops is also made easy with its built-in HDMI port.

These projectors have a user-friendly interface designed for users who are just beginning to build a theatre system at home. Setting up is a breeze with features such as keystone correction, which helps users easily adjust the shape of an image that is unevenly rectangular on the sides.

With Epson’s EF-100 series, you can now transform any part of your home into a theatre. With its cutting-edge features, these projectors come up as one of the best options for homeowners who want to re-experience the magic of cinema and large screen viewing right at the comfort of their homes.

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