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Olay Skinfusion your 15-minute answer to target hydration, brightening and anti-aging

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With more and more face masks being introduced in the beauty arena by the minute, and having almost exactly the same benefits, how do you make sure you are getting the best face mask with the right ingredients to target specific skin needs?

Olay Skinfusion your 15-minute answer to target hydration, brightening and anti-aging
Olay Skinfusion your 15-minute answer to target hydration, brightening and anti-aging

Olay comes with another breakthrough face mask innovation with the launch of Skinfusion Masks. This is where nature meets science with the infusion of the power of Japanese natural ingredients into Olay’s advanced skincare technology. Skinfusions promises the dual benefit of Repair + Relieve: to repair targeted skin issues and to relieve skin stress.

Skinfusion Masks come in three variants: Camellia Nourishing Sheet Mask for skin hydration, Deep Sea Algae Healthy Aura Sheet Mask for skin brightening, and Sake Yeast Wrinkle Erase Sheet Mask for advanced anti-aging solutions.

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Camelia Nourishing Sheet Mask
This ultra-soft face mask is infused with Camellia oil. The Japanese Camellia ingredient is known for its rich source of antioxidants that neutralize damaging free-radicals; phytosqualine (lipids) for excellent moisturizing properties; and Omega-6 fatty acids that boost skin hydration aimed to reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines.

This Japanese natural ingredient is further enhanced by Olay’s legendary technology with its vitamin B3 repairing factor also known as niacinamide. To make it part of your regimen, this face mask is best used with Olay Total Effects SPF15 Day Cream to achieve that fresh and radiant skin.

Deep Sea Algae Healthy Aura Sheet Mask
Expect a special algae gel coated face mask to wrap your skin. Hokkaido Deep Sea Algae ingredient is rich in vitamins for brightening and to combat hyperpigmentation; minerals for a healthy epidermal barrier that soothes inflammation; proteins for a plumper, youthful aura; and essential fatty acids for moisture at a greater rate.

The natural ingredient Algae is boosted by the power of Olay’s niacinamide for a healthy aura and brightened skin. This is best used with Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence for a dewy, radiant skin.

Sake Yeast Wrinkle Erase Sheet Mask
This face mask comes with a special second skin biocellulose sheet for optimal ingredient delivery. Biocellulose is today’s most-advanced technology in mask substrate innovation and proven to beat even hydrogel masks. It has the ability to retain 100x its dry weight in fluid to give the skin excellent ingredient penetration.

This face mask contains the powerful natural ingredient of the Tokyo Sake Yeast, which is one of the top 5 trending skincare ingredients in Japan. It also has similar benefits as pitera, which is known as the miracle anti-aging skincare of SK-II. These ingredients work together to improve skin’s surface rejuvenation process and promotes the regeneration of cells that will make skin look baby-soft.

Just imagine the combined power of Sake Yeast with Olay’s vitamin B3 repairing factor + Hyaluronic Acid that will instantly reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Best recommended to use with Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream for 10 years younger looking skin in just 28 days.

When faced with a plethora of face mask options, choosing the best face mask becomes tricky. Olay Skinfusions makes the decision-making easier for you: focus on powerful ingredients sourced from an origin with strong beauty traditions and decide based on the brand proven to deliver results in just 28 days.

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