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Exercise Your Financial Muscles with the New Praxis Game

Staff ni Anjie
In a bid to propagate financial literacy among Filipinos, a new Praxis game was introduced in the Philippines that aims to give a jumpstart to people in managing their personal finances through a fun and interactive learning experience hosted at the Praxis Financial gym.

Exercise Your Financial Muscles with the New Praxis Game
Exercise Your Financial Muscles with the New Praxis Game

Developed in Singapore, Praxis is a game about how to effectively handle one’s financial resources wisely. It’s a financial literacy solution that’s currently being widely-used by educational institutions, financial services companies, and government organizations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Praxis can be customized to its specific audience, whether for students as part of their class, for companies’ employee wellness programs, or for financial institutions’ recruitment and training sessions or for their sales and customer engagement.

According to Praxis Philippines CEO Mari-an Albert, Praxis is intended to help people exercise their money-handling skills.

“We’d like more people to visit the Praxis Financial Gym to help in promoting financial literacy by letting them experience financial challenges and learn critical information that will help them fulfill their financial dreams,” Albert said.
“Just like in a regular gym where customers can access trainers to guide them on their workouts, here, at the Praxis financial gym, licensed financial advisers can partner with Praxis to guide people and help master money. This gym tones your money muscles for life.”

Each Praxis gameplay is led by a certified Game Master. Every once in awhile in the duration of the game, a realistic “Breaking News” about health scares and drastic changes in stock prices are being announced, which directs the flow of the game, and the decisions of the players.

Curious about what awaits at the Praxis Financial Gym? Know more at

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