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Always Craving for Snacks? Here are Five Budget-Friendly Treats For You

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Working for a 9 to 5 job usually makes people snacky, that’s why it’s important to always have something to eat stacked at your office drawer. Not only it saves you time from thinking about what to eat, but quick snacks also deviate you away from eating heavy meals when it’s not even lunch or dinner time yet. Here are a few suggestions on what snacks to keep in your office desk.

Always Craving for Snacks? Here are Five Budget-Friendly Treats For You
Always Craving for Snacks? Here are Five Budget-Friendly Treats For You

Nut packs
If you want to mindlessly eat something that’s nutritious, nut packs are the best for you. They’re tasty, healthy, and they’re great for sharing, which means you can also let your officemates eat with you. Just make sure that you reseal the bag or box when you’ve had enough because opened snack packs might attract ants and other pests to your work station.

Biscuits and crackers
These stiff little pieces of bread are perfect for a quick bite. They can be anything from sweet to savory, and you can find all sorts of biscuits in different flavors. They also often come in individual portions, so it’s easy to watch how many you eat. They’re also available in healthier options such as low-salt and whole wheat, so if you’re on a diet, these are a great snack option.

Dried fruit
For those who’d want some fruity delights, we suggest choosing dried fruits to avoid a mess like fruit peelings and fruit juices on your table. Dried fruits are a good source of fiber, and it has sugar to keep you going and awake for the rest of the workday.

When one talks about bread, the first thing that comes to mind are cakes, muffins, mamon, and the likes. You can get them in single packs or in bulk for you to exercise your own form of portion control. For those who are health conscious, you can opt to take a bite on whole-wheat bread. The only thing you have to remember is to consume these treats as soon as you can because bread goes stale quicker than other snacks.

When it comes to comforting snacks, Brownies are a must. They’re soft, sweet, and easy to chow down. Here’s a tip: choose pre-portioned snacks like the Super Delights Brownie Bites, which are individually wrapped to keep its freshness. Brownies are also perfect to be paired with coffee and tea. Not only that, Super Delights Brownie Bites are made from premium, high-quality ingredients so you’re assured that you’re munching not just a delicious snack, but also a well-processed food.

Super Delights Brownie Bites are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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