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Technology and its Important Role in Learning

Staff ni Anjie
As an old saying goes, learning never stops. Apart from the traditional ways of teaching, there are certain technologies useful in the education sector. This helps students and children to absorb their lessons more, and reach their full potential.

Technology and its Important Role in Learning
Technology and its Important Role in Learning

A proof that the way children taught have significantly change is how some parents choose their kids to be homeschooled, a piece of evidence that learning should never be limited within the four walls of the classroom. While homeschooling has existed as an alternative mode of education for some time, it is only now that it has become a mainstream option.

In fact, according to the Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), there are around 12,000 homeschooled children, with over 7,000 of them affiliated and guided by over 15 homeschool providers who are in turn guided by DepED through compliance with standards and requirements.

In 1997, the Department of Education has formalized Memo no. 216s or the “Home Education Program” for the accreditation and equivalency of students who were homeschooled and then later transferred to a more traditional learning environment.

With homeschooling, the contexts for which learning materials are used become different and more dynamic in terms of usage scenarios and pace of instruction. Through institutional guidance, these learning materials can now be adapted for the homeschool setting. With both schools and homeschooling available for young learners, personalized, experiential, innovative, and holistic learning is now possible. Connectivity, collaboration, and critical thinking are all enhanced with this new technology that enables learners to communicate with each other and engage learning materials from any time and anywhere.

To address the challenge of the 21st century in terms of modernized learning, stakeholders of education including schools, parents, communities, and even private companies continually work hand in hand to provide the best learning methods for the next generation.

Among these is REX Book Store, which recently introduced its full suite of learning solutions with Schoology, a cloud-based learning management system inclusive of engaging content, design lessons, and student progress assessment tools for educators and academic institutions.

With this platform, the classroom of the future is made more accessible, even for young learners within the homeschool setting. This holistic strategy diversifies a learner's options and widens the accessibility of learning materials for all, breaking boundaries and unlocking the full potential of technology to help learners advance and excel.

Schoology also provides age-appropriate instructional tools, plus seamless communication and collaboration instruments designed for students, parents, and teachers. In addition to these are data-driven analytics and assessment tools for a personalized learning experience, designed according to the K-12 standards.
This commitment to quality and transparency in communicating the needs of every young learner is something that REX has always worked for with passion, and with Schoology's trusted platform with over 10 years of research and development, REX is ready to engage young learners toward the 21st century.

Learn more about REX Book Store's implementation of Schoology here:

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