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LG Continues to Innovate Future-Proof Devices

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Depending on the trend, technology can either be predictable or unpredictable. In 1912, a French chocolate company seemed to have forecasted the future when they printed on the packaging of their product one family speaking to their son in an unnamed Asian country through a television-telephone. More than 100 years later, the said technology was realized with Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP applications which utilize smart TVs, computer screens, and mobile phones.

LG Continues to Innovate Future-Proof Devices
LG Continues to Innovate Future-Proof Devices

What would have been considered as a far-fetched fantasy years ago is now our reality? Current and evolving technologies continue to bring us innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Robots, 4K screens, and HDR. Even appliances at home have now become smarter and AI-equipped.

One brand known for its future-oriented products is South Korean company LG which offers a wide range of technological solutions that meet the demands of tomorrow’s society.  Over the last few years alone, LG’s product portfolio has grown to include robots, smart appliances and high-definition screens which became instrumental in changing the way people communicate, consume entertainment, and just simply how they lead their daily lives.

Perhaps the most impressive of its innovations is OLED, a display technology apt on how smart cities are envisioned.  LG’s variation of LED screens and signage are the ideal option for city planners who’d want to have futuristic public areas with interactive and technologically-advanced displays. Featuring razor-thin bezels, high luminance, flexible panels, and customization possibilities, these OLED screens can be used for advertising, educational or informational purposes in public environments such as retail malls, airports or hotel lobbies.

Inside homes, LG is also bringing future-ready appliances to fit for the whole family. Under its portfolio, LG TV has screens as big as 77 inches but as thin as 0.23 inches. LG’s newest TV model even has the Alpha A9 processor which takes the job of bringing intense color rendering, coupled with wider viewing angles and enhanced noise reduction for a smooth, cinema-like viewing experience.

The said processor is also the brain behind ThinQ, LG’s AI-powered platform, which makes LG televisions a step ahead of other smart TVs with voice commands to tweak the TV settings like increasing the volume, and switch between different modes, and other adjustments.

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